The list of pre-operative testing

Test name Validity period
1.    Complete Blood Count (CBC) 14 days
2.    Urinalysis 14 days
3.  Blood chemistry tests (total protein, blood glucose, total bilirubin, direct bilirubin, non-direct bilirubin, ALT(SGPT), AST(SGOT), urea, creatinine (CRNN) 14 days
4.  Coagulation tests (duration of bleeding, prothrombin time) 14 days
5.   Blood group, Rh factor blood test (Rh)  unlimited
6.    Wassermann reaction 4 months
7.    Diagnostics markers of viral hepatitis B, C, HIV1 / HIV2 4 months
8.    Eleсtrocardiogram (ECG)  1 месяц
9.   Chest radiographs  (chest X-ray)  1 year
10. The participation of narrow specialists, if it’s necessary (cardiologist, endocrinologist, etc.) 14 days

Based on the results of laboratory tests, an anesthesiologist will be consulted!

In the presence of chronic diseases, additional consultation with a specialist may be required, negotiated with the surgeon at a preoperative consultation.