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Treatment of the eardrum with pneumatic massage is prescribed for the following indications: otitis media, tubootitis, adhesions in the middle ear, serous inflammation, chronic diseases of the ears, hearing loss. It is used to prevent relapse of chronic diseases and rehabilitation after surgery on the ears.

Description of procedure

Pneumatic massage involves air exposure to the membrane, alternating between high and low pressure. Air leaves a special medical device, which can be electric or mechanical. The essence of the procedure is to stimulate the oscillatory movements of the membrane.

Fluctuations are transmitted to the muscle that stretches the membrane and bring it to the desired tone. This massage can be carried out independently at home, it is enough to bring a palm to the ear, press it firmly, and then sharply tear it off and repeat at a fast pace.


Carrying out a massage procedure is prohibited in the following cases:

  • in the early stages of inflammatory pathologies of the ear;
  • with a catarrhal form of otitis media;
  • during the period of reduction of the inflammation;
  • with acute inflammation and purulent foci;
  • after barotrauma (occurs during deep-sea diving, during a flight on an airplane).

Varieties and phased implementation

Treatment of the eardrum with pneumatic massage is performed by several methods:

  • manual massage;
  • hardware massage;
  • using a manual air massager;
  • using of baropulses.

Manual self-massage can only be performed with the permission of a doctor. Before the massage, it is necessary to clean the sulfur from the ear canals and wash your hands thoroughly. Hands should not be too cold. The palm should completely close the entrance to the ear so that there is no air access. It is necessary to make at least 10 clicks on the auricle, with a time interval of several seconds.

During the massage of the eardrum, there should be no discomfort or pain. For the treatment of the eardrum, pneumatic massage must be carried out up to 3 times a day. If the massage is carried out for the prevention, it must be performed 1 time per day.

In our clinic, there is a special device for massaging the eardrum, equipped with a balloon and a long tube, with a funnel and a rubber ring at the end. This funnel is inserted into the ear canal, the air is injected by pressing on the balloon.

During the massage, the patient sits at the table on which the apparatus stands. The duration of the session is individual and is set on the device by the doctor. To obtain positive dynamics it is necessary, on average, to undergo up to 10 massage sessions.

How high is the positive performance rate?

Pneumatic massage is characterised by a wide spectrum of action:

  • returns elasticity to the muscles of the ears;
  • restores vibrational activity to the membrane;
  • strengthens the supporting ability of the muscle;
  • affects the auditory points, enhancing their mobility;
  • removes adhesions;
  • relieves inflammatory processes;
  • has a preventive effect after recovery.

Pneumomassage of the eardrum of the ear is recommended for ear diseases that occur in a chronic form and often recur. As a prophylaxis, massage is carried out for prophylactic purposes after complete curation of ear diseases, which were accompanied by an inflammatory process, to minimise the risk of relapse. Self-massage is allowed only after consultation with the attending physician, who examines the patient for the diagnosis of possible contraindications.