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Meniscus injury is a common trauma of the knee, that accompanied by pain in the knee joint. The meniscus is a cartilaginous layer that is constantly under physical exertion and prone to damage. The nature and intensity of the pain depends on the degree of damage to the meniscus. A meniscus tear is characterized by severe pain, which prevents a person from making any movements. With minor damage, pain is moderate, but permanent, with intensifying during sudden movements or increased load.

Symptomatic manifestations

When injuring a knee, as a rule, the inner meniscus is damaged, because it has less mobility and elasticity, and therefore a sharp inaccurate movement can lead to its stretching or fracture. The following clinical symptoms are typical for injury to the meniscus of the knee joint:

  • pain (intense and sharp);
  • puffiness (swollen soft tissues and joint);
  • inability to move the limb.

Such a symptom complex develops immediately after injury. In case when treatment was not provided on time during a meniscus injury, fluid accumulates in the joint bag, which threatens gradual development of such pathology as chronic knee synovitis. Symptoms of meniscus damage can vary in each case; it depends on how long ago the injury occurred. The main sign of a meniscus tear is pain, restriction of movement in the joint, crunching.


When a meniscus tears, a medical examination that is required is MRI. It is possible to make an accurate diagnosis using symptoms, but MRI will help establish the type of injury. Treatment of the meniscus of the knee joint is carried out taking into account the severity of the injury.

Treatment of meniscus sprain is often pharmaceutical, using physiotherapeutic techniques to quickly restore activity and joint mobility. When a meniscus tear is diagnosed, an operation is performed during which meniscus is completely or partially removed if it is not possible to restore its integrity.

Medication for meniscus damage is prescribed only for sprains if there are no complications such as pinching. Medications are given to the patient to help remove symptoms of injury. To restore the functioning of the meniscus, a course of exercise therapy and physiotherapy is recommended.

An operation on the meniscus in case of its tear is carried out by stitching it. This type of surgery is minimally invasive and is performed with special medical equipment – under the control of an arthroscope, which is inserted into the knee joint through small punctures in the skin.

Indications for an operation are not only meniscus tear but also it’s significant spraining if this trauma brings the patient severe, constant pain that does not pass after taking medications. After the surgical intervention on the meniscus, it is necessary to go through the recovery and rehabilitation period, during which the patient is prescribed a course of exercises and physiotherapy to restore former mobility to the knee joint. Without compliance with these measures, the joint may lose its functionality.