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The shape of the outer ear (auricle) was laid back in the period of embryogenesis, and we can not influence this in any way. Most often, problems such as deafness, bulging, irregular shape or auricle or its large sizes lead to complexes and problems in the conscious age. This problem can only be managed surgically.

Otoplasty is an operation to change the shape, asymmetry and location of the auricles. Otoplasty is a serious aesthetically-psychological operation, as reasons behind it are often not functional but exquisitely aesthetic. After 60 minutes of surgery, the patient gets rid of the complexes, he acquires harmonious face and new flawless appearance.

Otoplasty can be divided according to the type of the desired effect:

Aesthetic otoplasty is performed in case of aesthetic defects.

Indications for aesthetic otoplasty are:

– excessive protrusion of the auricles, which interferes with the patient

– large ear size

– asymmetry of the auricles

– secondary otoplasty, if during the initial operation the desired effect wasn’t achieved

– scars

– earlobe defects

– achieving smoothness and refinement of the shape

Reconstructive otoplasty – restoration of the original shapes and sizes, the exact recreation of anatomical structures.

Indications for reconstructive otoplasty are:

– defects in the auricle

– changes after injuries or tumour processes

– congenital malformations

– absence of an external ear or its underdevelopment

The advantages of this plastic surgery are that it is minimally invasive and the rehabilitation period is minimal. The age at which you are allowed to do otoplasty is 6-7 years. Carrying out otoplasty at an earlier age is not recommended, since all operations may simply not be needed, or the effect of an operation performed at an early age (before 6 years) may be unstable throughout life or altered due to the growth of the body.

Plastic surgery of earlobes. Indications:

– Prolonged wear of heavy earrings

– Stretching the earlobe with tunnels

– Random pulling out of earrings

– Complications of an inflammatory process, pustular diseases

Contraindications to otoplasty belong to the group of general contraindications and include acute viral diseases, endocrine disorders (diabetes mellitus, thyroid diseases), pregnancy and lactation, chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, congenital blood diseases, congenital heart diseases, coagulation impairments, some skin diseases, age under 6 years.

There is no absolute contraindication. The operation strictly requires consultation with your doctor, and it can be decided upon after passing laboratory tests and instrumental studies.

How is the operation performed?

For all children, general anesthesia is possible to avoid pain and fear; for adults, you can choose local anesthesia or general anesthesia of your choice (according to your desire or for medical reasons). The surgeon is marking up an outer ear, where further cuts will be made, after which an anesthetic solution is injected or the preparation zone is infiltrated for local anesthesia. The surgeon cuts of 5-7 cm in length, depending on the size of the defect, or according to anatomical dimensions. In the place of the natural fold, the surgeon exfoliates the skin, exposing the cartilage of the auricle. Furthermore, the cartilage itself is being cut, the most protuberant places are cut off, the cartilage is being modelled and sewn in the necessary position, the skin is sewn using atraumatic suture material and cosmetic suture. The scar is hidden in an inconspicuous place and after a while, it acquires skin colour without causing discomfort and tightness. At the end of the operation, the surgeon applies an elastic bandage and on this day the patient can go home.

What is the rehabilitation like?

Complete healing after surgery occurs after 2-3 weeks depending on the regeneration capabilities of your organism.

The first three to four days there can be excessive swelling and pain which is normal for this intervention and is easily cured by painkillers if needed.

You do not need to give up a social life, and you can go to school or work the next day if you want.

During the rehabilitation period, many are worried about the question: “Is it possible to wash the hair?” Yes, this is not contraindicated.

You can resume doing sports and light physical activity in 2 weeks.

It is necessary to come timely to the consultations with your doctor and wear a tightening bandage according to indications.

Result of otoplasty:

As practice shows, such a minimally invasive and minimally traumatic, but effective operation can turn a person’s life around, save children’s complexes and excessive shyness. In the hands of the professionals of our clinic, you cannot worry and fully trust the specialists with many years of experience who use only universal and safe methods that make you better!