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Rachiocampsis is an increase in physiological curvatures, which acquire a pathological nature. Rachiocampsis in the front and back parts leads to the fact that a curvature, which is the physiological norm, begins to protrude even more, and the hollow between them becomes much larger. Types of rachiocampsis:

  • kyphosis – curvature of the back of the spinal column;
  • lordosis – curvature of the front of the spine;
  • scoliosis – rachiocampsis to the side.


Rachiocampsis – kyphosis is characterized by a curvature of the back of the spinal column. Kyphosis is bilateral when the curvature is present not only in the back of the spine but also in the front – on the chest. Bilateral kyphosis causes the formation of anterior hump.

Causes of this pathology:

  • congenital muscle abnormalities (muscle weakness);
  • severe rickets suffered in childhood;
  • incorrect posture.

In this case, the cause of kyphosis is a person’s habit of stooping or sitting hunched over a table, which is often observed among schoolchildren.

If the treatment of rachiocampsis-kyphosis is not carried out on time, the disease can lead to respiratory dysfunction. The treatment of this type of rachiocampsis consists in performing physiotherapeutic procedures, special gymnastics.


Lordosis occurs most often due to congenital pathologies of the spine – dislocations of the hip joint, when to maintain balance, most of the load is transferred forward, respectively, the body is always slightly tilted back, there is a strong bend in the lower back. If a person has excess body weight, in particular, there are fat folds on the sides, lordosis can be significantly aggravated.

Symptoms of lordosis are back pain, deformations of the spinal column caused by improper distribution of body weight. Lordosis almost always leads to dysfunction of internal organs. Gastrointestinal tract suffers the most from this type of curvature of the spinal column.

Treatment of lordosis should begin with the elimination of the root cause of the disease. Without this measure, you can only temporarily stop the symptoms, but after a course of treatment, the disease will reappear. Conservative methods of treating lordosis are massages, physiotherapy exercises, wearing a special medical bandage to relieve stress from internal organs.


The reasons for the development of scoliosis are known to everyone – a violation of simple sanitary norms for the location of the body at the school desk. In 90% of cases, the disease occurs in children in the age group of 5-15 years. During this period, there is an active growth of bone and cartilage, and prolonged sitting at the school desk in the wrong position leads to the fact that the vertebrae do not develop properly, resulting in lateral curvature of the spinal column – scoliosis.

In adults, scoliosis occurs due to a constant load on one side of the body. This type of rachiocampsis is a professional disease of violinists and seamstresses. Scoliosis can be provoked by rickets or severe trauma to the vertebrae.

The symptoms are bulging sideways, asymmetry of shoulders, disruption of the function of internal organs. Scoliosis leads to constant back pain, and due to a strong load on the muscles, a person cannot sit or stand for a long time. Conservative methods of treatment are used only in the early stages of development, if the disease worsens, surgery will help in the treatment of this rachiocampsis.